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Harold/Kumar/Leverage crossover (foursome)

Title: The Harold and Kumar Job
Author: daria234
Rating (PG, PG-13, G, R, NC-17):NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Harold/Kumar/Hardison/Eliot (crossover with Leverage)
Warning (sexual content, major violence, etc): Explicit sexual content, kinks, foursome, drug use, mentions of a fantasy about an anime they watched that had noncon tentacle porn.
Type (oneshot, chapter story, complete, etc): One-shot.
Summary: Harold thinks Kumar has some stupid ideas, but bringing home those hot guys might actually have been brilliant. Crossover with Leverage. Written for kinkbingo.

Song: "Tim, I Wish You Were Born a Girl" by Of Montreal
Vidder: mavoorik  
Characters/Pairings: Harold/Kumar from the Harold and Kumar movies
Rating: G
Notes: All the clips are from "Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle." (And obviously, Kumar still wants to do it with Harold, even if he isn't a girl. Just sayin. ;) )

Title: Rejoicing As An Integer
Characters: Harold/Kumar
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1103
Warnings: None.
Summary: Kumar gets it now.
Notes: A Yuletide 2009 Treat, written for sophinisba.

Rejoicing As An Integer )

Dec. 30th, 2009

Hey! I just got into this fandom thanks to this year's Yuletide, and I noticed that you guys didn't have those fics posted here. I found another one as well, from September. So here they are.

Yuletide fics

Rejoicing as an Integer by emiime
Rating: Teen
Words: 1085
Summary: Kumar gets it now.

Harold and Kumar and Maria and Vanessa Go to Bed. Together. by jain
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2179
Summary: Kumar really can talk Harold into anything.
This is the one that pimped me into the fandom, and I hadn't even seen the movie!

It's The Thought That Counts by thedeadparrot
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1899
Summary: "Dude, don't even lie about how you're totally into me," Kumar says.

Let's Go by bridgetmc
Rating: G
Words: 426
Summary: With Kumar by his side, anything was possible. That wasn't necessarily a good thing for Harold.

And some other ones I found

An Amsterdam Morning by Lempo Soi
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2149
Summary: First thing in the morning the girls demand a quid pro quo.

The Universe Tends To Unfold As It Should by emiime
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6738
Summary: Everyone's always teased them. Maybe everyone was right.

Fanart Recs

Hey, was just poking around on deviantart and found some nice Harold and Kumar fanart that I'd like to share the link to (unfortunately none of them are slash but oh well!)

amphithea: We're Not Low
Rating: G
Summary: Nice colored linework and great poses!

blackcat906: Harold and Kumar
Rating: G
Summary: a caricature type piece, lots of bright colors! : )

shwizle: Harold and Kumar
Rating: G

Title: The Universe Tends to Unfold as It Should
Author: spikeface
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Harold/Chekov, implied Harold/Kumar
Warnings: sexual content, marijuana oh noez
Type: one shot, complete, crossover with Star Trek
Summary: Harold has a really *shiny* trip.

There were pube hairs on his floor.

Fanfic Recs

Here are some (though an unfortunately small number!) existing Harold/Kumar slash fanfics out there:

This is an absolutely wonderful, wonderful and hilarious fic here by valiant that really captures their dialogue:
valiant: And I Feel Fine
Pairing: Harold/Kumar
Rating: R
Summary: "I hate you, Kumar! My fucking world crashes down and you're fucking singing that Big Gay Al song? Fuck you! You total dick! Christ, do you have to make fun of my very real pain? You fucking dick!"

There are some Harold and Kumar fics over at the Yuletide archive:

Among them there's this utterly cute fic about Harold/Kumar:
CL Finn: Harold & Kumar Go To Agrestic
Characters, Pairing: Harold/Kumar
Rating: R
Summary: Harold and Kumar end up in the Weeds universe.

and a damn clever NPH-centric one.
Minim Calibre: Screenwriter's Blues
Characters, Pairing: NPH/(Surprise!)
Rating: NC-17

Also found this post Harold and Kumar 2 fic:
Arsenal_Averson: Amsterdam
Characters, Pairing: Harold/Kumar
Rating: M

If you know of any more, please share!